Works by Coomer

Recent Employment History

Here's what I've been building as a software engineer recently.


Wrapped up work on BikeList as their engineer. Employed at a startup working with location data. Still toying with various side projects to keep myself educated.


Started work on BikeList as the sole engineer, hired under contract. BikeList is a marketplace for used and new bicycles, parts, and accessories.


Toptender, Topteam, and related white-label projects ended. We had a good run but finances didn't work out well enough and we had to shut down operations.


Built Topteam, a white-label online learning platform. Similar to Toptender, but a white-label experience. Also built custom white-label solutions, including PAX's budtender certification program.


Quit Baker Technologies to start Toptender as Technical Co-Founder with my business partner from Grassworks. Toptender was an online learning platform for Cannabis shops, brands, and budtenders.


Grassworks acquired by Baker Technologies, which allowed me to buy a house in Denver, a longtime dream.


Started Grassworks as Technical Co-Founder, and was the sole developer for most of the product's life until acquisition. In an era of manually updating cannabis shop menus, we built fast and powerful menus and online ordering automatically, powered by point-of-sale data.

The Rest

The rest is ancient history at this point basically. Worked on real time telematics, banking security tools, voice blogging, and a few other things at various other previous companies.

Started programming and building websites at age 11, and I've been hooked since.

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