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Bedroom Shelf

Nov 30, 2020

Bedroom Shelf lmage

Used an old 12-foot-long 1x10 board from my garage attic, and made some supports from a reclaimed old board from the alley and a 2x4x8 from the 70% pile at Home Depot.

Screws into five studs with 10 4" long #10 screws, and joints are nailed/screwed and glued, so it should be solid.

Lights were purchased the first week I owned the house, and just finally made it up for the first time. They do need integration with yet-to-be-made custom nightstands which will house bedside switches for them, but the cord mounted switches work ok in the interim.

Total materials cost: $0.31 - About $0.20 worth of screws and nails, the screw eye bolts that the lights hang from cost $0.05 each, and the rough sawn Cedar 2x4x8 came from Home Depot, where a mistake on their end resulted in each board being priced at $0.01. The employees saw it, shrugged it off, and said "good deal", so I bought the rest of their stock in two Corolla trips.

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