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Cabinet/Headboard for Front Room

Oct 19, 2022

Cabinet/Headboard for Front Room lmage

Made from planks from my garage attic, and free 2x4s from Surplus Tools. The switch controls a non-grounded receptacle inside which powers the non-grounded sconce on the wall.

Is plugged into a federal spec commercial receptacle I installed in the west wall (the 2 left, south side receptacles in the group of 4) using a federal spec plug wired up to 12awg stranded wire to the visible receptacle on front of cabinet.

There's a 2x4 frame underneath, and it's screwed to a stud in the south wall. To access said screw, the topmost vertical panel on the headboard face removes by unscrewing the four #5 x 1-1/2" flat heat screws and pulling the panel off. The varnish may have dried fully and it may be a bit sticky when it comes time to remove it, but it should pop right off.

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