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The Sawmill

I still need to do a ton of work before dust collection is feasible in the garage, so I took on the project of building a shed that could house my table saw and keep the dust and mess in there. It turns out that a 2x6 subfloor on a packed gravel pad is not solid enough to handle a table saw on top, leading to too much vibration for safety and precision.

Fortunately, everyone who saw the structure thought it was cute and wanted to hang out in it, so that's what it's used for these days.

It's built almost entirely out of free materials. Plywood and 2x4s came from a fire station they were remodeling, doors came from the church two blocks away and extra trash day. Sheet metal came from the neighbors when they demoed a shed. Even paint came from the alley.

Doors open on the sawmill Inside of our hang out spot named The Sawmill Drink signs inside Wood siding Metal siding Doors closed on the sawmill Sign on top of the large door

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