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Websites, physical projects built in the workshop, and various other things created by Christian Coomer

Software I've Built

Technical co-founder at Grassworks, where we provided Cannabis shops with powerful automated menus and online ordering. Acquired in 2017, which allowed me to buy a garage with a house.

Post Grassworks acquisition, co-founder at TopTender & TopTeam, building online learning platforms and white-label education solutions in the Cannabis space.

BikeList is a marketplace for used and new bicycles, where I built the first version of the site under contract in 2022.

Pedal Room is a community I built to find and browse sweet bicycles. Started in 2009, and has been a fun community project, now with tens of thousands of bikes and personal connections to so many great people.

6G Celicas is a site I started in 2001. I bought a Toyota Celica and couldn't find a good place for information or to find other '94-'99 Celica enthusiasts, so I made one. It's dated. But so many communities and independent sites have died in the decades since I started this, so I take pride just in keeping it online. It's also brought me friendships, education in so many aspects of cars, and my first job out of college.

Lots of small personal projects run on localhost or various free tiers of platform-as-a-service cloud providers like and netlify.

Professionally, I've been back and forth between being a technical co-founder, working for an acquiring company, and various contract work. My first website was in 1996, first dev job was 2001, and I still love it today. I get to be creative and challenged every single day - true luxury.

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Other Things I've Built

I spend lots of time building physical things in the garage and on the property, and love re-using old discarded materials.

I can't build software without downtime to think - usually working with my hands, walking somewhere, or running around on a bicycle.

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Other Interests

Track bicycles. All of them are sweet but my track bikes are my favorites to ride. I started Pedal Room in 2009 to allow others to connect with others and share their bikes.

Gardening. I never thought when I was younger I'd enjoy it but having a yard full of various growing things brings me joy and relaxation. I built and use a basic app that keeps track of all the things I've planted, costs, etc. View garden page

Old tools and hardware. I bought out a lot of the stock of an old now-closed local hardware store, and sell lots of old tools and slotted-head screws, most of which are no longer produced these days. I love being surrounded by old cool stuff in the garage too.

Buying low, selling high. It's fun to find the really good deals, assisted by market research tools and eBay deal finding tools I've built. Initially built so I could try out tons of bicycles, keep my favorites, and profit from the ones I don't like. These tools used to live on heroku's free tier but now run on localhost while I try out a few different cloud providers like

Cars. Kinda. I drive an old Corolla that was in the family since new, has 232,000 miles, and runs like a champ. It has the seats removed except for the driver's so I can haul all sorts of things. But I used to have a lot of fun Toyotas, Hondas, and Nissans. Four Celicas, two MR-2s, three Corollas, three Civics, two Sentra SE-Rs and two Infiniti (Nissan) G20s. All fun to modify and work on in the past, but now I just enjoy my dumb and reliable commuter/lumber hauler Corolla. View Coomer's Toyota Projects, or my long-time-running community site, 6G Celicas.

Photography. I sometimes like to take decent photos. View some photographs I've taken

Music. Sucker for the sick-ass beats, and currently dreaming of a 15" subwoofer install in my office. Currently building some nice bookshelf speakers. Electronics around the house are fun in general, from home audio setups to raspberry pis for various automation and security systems.


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